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A New blog for STORM!

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Welcome to STORM’s blog. As we get started with a new addition to our web site, here’s what we’ll be bringing you via this tool:

  • News about STORM. This is a great way to have an opt-in newsletter for our friends. You can decide if you want to hear from us and when you get the news. Please subscribe via RSS to receive automatic updates.
  • Updates on projects. As we build new custom guitars, we’ll post updates and photographs on this blog so you can see what’s happening.
  • Guitar Discussions. From time to time we’ll ask questions and provide opinions on guitars, building and playing. Join in the discussion and let us (and everyone else) know what you’re thinking.

We hope this will be a great way for us all to stay in-touch. We’re looking forward to the dialog.