FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you make me a guitar that looks like …?

A: There’s a pretty good chance we can make you whatever you like. Check out some of the special’s that we’ve made already. How cool would it be to have your special in the gallery?

Q: I’d like to have beat-up a ’74 Strat. Can you do it?

A: Well, yes we could do it.  Check out our vintage page for information of this very creation. No, we don’t limit you to ’74 Stats only. We’ll make anything that is unique and interesting. By the way, when we create a vintage guitar we use all licensed and re-issue parts from the original manufacturer for complete authenticity.

Q: How much does a STORM Custom cost?

A: It depends. Really. It depends on the specifications you give us. The style, the wood, the pickups, the neck, the hardware, the electronics, the inlays… We start the process by understanding what you want and then working up a quote. To put it in perspective, however, a base-model, Category 1 Hurricane can be as inexpensive as $1,200. An intricate Vortex can be well over $12,000. It all depends… We know that you can buy something off the wall at the mega-store for a couple of hundred dollars. That’s not a bad thing. STORM Custom Guitars are for those who want to separate themselves from the mega-crowd.

Q: How long does it take you to finish a guitar?

A: Electrics are definitely quicker to make than acoustics, but you can figure about six to eight months, after we work out the design with you. We know that you can buy a guitar off the mega-store wall in 10 minutes. STORM Custom Guitars are for those who dream about the perfect guitar for years, not minutes.

Q: Why are there sketches of the guitar models on the ideas pages?

A: The sketches are there because that’s how we really start it all out. Yes, we work on a sketch with each customer to get the discussion started. If we only put up photographs of the models, customers might not realize they have complete say over what goes into their signature guitars. A sketch conveys a starting point. A couple of photographs of finished products give you an idea of what can be accomplished, however.

Q: Do you blog about every guitar that you make?

A: Only with the customer’s permission. Most customers are proud of their dream coming true. It’s a great way for them to keep up with the build progress and share it with their friends. If you prefer, we can keep updates in a private area just for you to see.