About STORM Custom Guitars

STORM CUSTOM GUITARS was founded in 2006 with the goal of creating custom guitars for players who want to make a statement. For those who want to rise above the crowd and take their music to the next level, we are ready to propel you there.

STORM is a small company based in central Pennsylvania. Since we are a truly custom builder, we work with each customer on an individual basis to create the exact guitar they want, from both a sound and visual perspecitive. We listen to the customer and agree on each detail of the instrument from scale length, to nut material, to neck radius, to body style and wood, to hardware and down to the finish. It becomes a collaboritive process where ideas flow and excitement builds. That’s how we believe your guitar should originate, not by selecting it from the herd of prefabricated guitars on a rack at the megastore. Whose signature should be on it? Yours or someone elses?

Starting in 2008 we introduced our own line of styles that stand out from the crowd. For those who want a unique sound and visual impact, our lead designer has created five concept models that you can customize to your specifications.

You won’t find a stock catalog for us; we simply don’t have anything stock. So throw out all the restrictions and confinements you’ve experieced before. We’re going to create the guitar of your dreams. Just think how you’ll feel, in front of the crowd, playing your signature guitar. Knock them down with your own STORM.