They don’t start out pretty

Hurricane BlankWe all love to see, hold and (most importantly) PLAY beautiful guitars. That’s what lutherie is all about, to us at least. There’s nothing better than creating an instrument that looks spectacular and sounds just as good. How many times have you heard “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? Well, I think we can extrapolate that out to “Beauty is in the ear of the beholder!”.

Unfortunately, guitars don’t start out life looking as great as the luthier envisions them to be. Take this freshly glued up blank for instance. It doesn’t look too exciting. It doesn’t play real well either.

The challenge is to craft a visually appealing and sonically appealing instrument from this ordinary wood blank. This particular blank is destined to be a Category 1 Hurricane. That’s the work horse of our custom designed line. A guitar that turns head and ears alike. A guitar that you play night in, night out, gig after gig.

We’ll chronicle the progress on this particular Hurricane all the way from start to finish. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the process as much as we do.

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