CNC Machine at STORM?

Someone asked me via email if we are using a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine at STORM Custom Guitars to cut guitar bodies and necks. Well, as these photographs show, we’ve got the numerical and the control parts down. We just don’t have a computer to control the numbers. For us, its not about how fast we can crank out parts and finished products, its about how much we can put into the product. True, it takes us days to complete what a machine can do in hours. We love hand building guitars and that includes using our hands to do the work.

There’s nothing wrong with applying technology to solve problems. In fact, if it weren’t for technologies like CNC, guitars would not be as generally affordable as they are. You wouldn’t be able to walk into Guitar Center and pick up a very playable axe for $200 to $300. 

That’s the difference between a small custom builder like STORM and mass production factories. They can produce more guitars in a day than we do in a decade. We know you; you know us. We work together to build the perfect guitar for YOU.



So for now, we’re happy to measure, cut, sand and finish your guitar entirely by hand. You’ll be happy we did. 

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