Which Truss Rod is Right?

I’ve been talking about truss rods with my good friend Jim for a while. We keep going back and forth on the merits of double barrel truss rods versus the more traditional single rod style. Certainly, single rods have been time tested. I think, however, that there’s still plenty if room for innovation in guitar building. Double barrel truss rods are an innovation that we use at STORM.

Now, my buddy Jim knows a thing or two about guitar design and construction. I’ve learned a lot from talking with him over the years. So when he tells me that he worries about the pressure that a double barrel rod puts on the fret board, it makes me think.

This disussion led me to do some testing. I’ve learned that both styles of truss rods put pressure on the neck and the fret board, just in diffent places. Single barrels put more strain on the heel and the nut end because that’s where the are anchored in to the neck. Double barrels spread the strain out over a greater distance. This can mean that there is more stress on the middle at the finger board, but since the stress is spread out over a greater area the neck will bend more evenly.

Well, it all boils down to this: STORM Custom Guitars will build your neck with either style truss rod. As with everything we do, we build everything to your specs. Who else cares about this level of detail in YOUR guitar?

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