Signature Series

You’ve seen them: signature series guitars. Instruments that are made to the exacting specification of a prominent artist. The headstock may even be adorned with the signature of the player. Pretty impressive, to be sure. These few have made it.

It’s especially cool for the artist who’s name is carried on the guitar. People’s jaws drop when they pull it out of the case. Other musicians are green with envy. You’ve got to be pretty famous to have your signature on a guitar. You’ve got to be pretty influential in the music industry to have a manufacturer make one exactly like you want. Everybody knows that.

It might just be time for you to realize that you’ve made it. You might be one of the few whose signature is on a headstock. Literally. That’s right, we’ll build your guitar to your exact specifications and put your signature on the head stock. Then you can decide on whether it’s a one of a kind or a signature series that we’ll make more of. We’ll even promote it on our web site. Who knows? It might even make it on to a STORM Shirt.

Talk about bragging rights. Let’s get started. Send us an email with your idea.

Yeah, we’ll definitely make a shirt. Bill might even wear one.

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