Now you’re talking (or texting)

Yes, a STORM Custom Guitars iPhone case! It combines protection and style. You won’t get your phone confused with anyone else’s at the gig. Unless, your band mates beat you to ordering one of these.

We’ve brought you some pretty cool STORM logo items through Zazzle. This one is a certainly unique, fun and practical. How many times do you see those three words used together in the same sentence?

I have to put a word in this post regarding Zazzle. One a recent order of some items, I had the occasion to interact with their customer service team. Simply, I ordered the wrong size on a item. When I contacted them regarding my mistake, Zazzle customer server was spectacular. They were quick, polite and efficient. Overall, the resolution they provided was magnitudes beyond what I hoped for. I’m glad STORM is partnered with Zazzle for our merchandise.

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